Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday supposed to be the day of rest.

Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest. So why am I awake at almost 6am? Well I will tell you why. When you live and work on a horse farm there is no such real thing as a day of rest. And I have been doing this my whole life. So I am well trained. Even with me being no longer able to do the work until my arm is healed.

This is my first post on my very own blog. So I have to say welcome. And I hope you enjoy my little corner of the blog universe. It isn’t much, but some friend’s of mine two fine Ladies convinced me that it would be a good idea. So here I am. Welcome to the cowboy blog.

I can’t promise you will enjoy what I write. But I will write it anyways. Like a personal la la land of thoughts. I can be all over the place sometimes when I get to writing, but hey I will try. My life is not all that exciting. Some people might think it is I suppose. I have been riding horses since before I could walk. I trained my first one from ground all the way through when I was 10. I still have my trust gelding, his name is Blu’.

I currently have around 70 horses many of which are rescues. I do keep a select line of Quarter Horses, Arabians and Paints that I breed as well. I breed selectively however; as with the current market so many horses are going unwanted I want to keep my resources open to help where I can.

I am currently laid up form doing any real work or training because I was unloading a new rescue and took a shot to the shoulder. The person bringing the animal “forgot” to tell me that she didn’t like men, as her abuser had been one. Do I blame the horse? Not a bit. I have not yet thought of what to call her, and she didn’t come with a name but she is here at my home and she will be treated just as fair as anyone else injury or not. As soon as she has a name I will post a picture with her name.

Have a Fantastic Sunday, and I hope yours is more restful than my own.