Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Horse Called.....

I hope you will pardon the quality of the photo I am going to post but for the obvious reasons mentioned in the previous post I did not want to get to close to the new project. Who has been dubbed prepare for it. Grape.

You can blame Lady Ambrosia for the funny name. She has been chattering about Grape for a few hours now. It is apparently the new album name of a band she likes. Well she has been saying Grape so often, I just walked out into the barn and said “Hello Grape” so our new horse. Grape it is.

Grape is a Thoroughbred, I have not checked for a tattoo yet (again obvious reasons) but I will. Grape is underweight, has rain rot and a bad temper. But over all things could be worse. I have seen worse. I have helped worse.

The good thing is that one of my helping farm hands is a Young Lady and Grape has taken a liking to her. To the point of whickering when she arrives in the barn for the morning. So positive signs for Grape that she hasn’t lost all hope in humans. Only time will tell how that works out for sure. But I have faith.

Look at me, 2 blog posts in one day.


Sara said...

Okay, I know nothing about horses, so I have some questions. (Maybe you could do an FAQ one day!)

1. Why do you have to check for a tattoo?
2. What is rain rot?
3. What is whickering?