Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last Post. A poem.

I know I said I wouldn't post again. But this is the last one. Mom left me her laptop (thank you mom) since the car accident. As if I needed that too. Anyway this was done before I was accused of things. Anyway this is it.

My kindred spirit,
Do you doubt we’ll share,
A love transcendent,
And truly rare?

Our souls dominion;
Will give us no choice.
Time will stand still,
When I hear your voice.

If fate has its way
Your eyes will meet mine,
Lost in forever
We’ll travel past time.

Then, long awaited
Our hands will touch;
Yours, fragile, soft,
Mine warm and rough.

No thoughts will break,
Or suspend our dance.
When our souls meet,
We’ll be left to chance.

A force of nature,
Destiny shall ordain.
Our will cast aside,
Released from the pain.

To each other's center,
We will be led,
Seduction upon us,
Our hungers fed.

My heart, for you only,
My flesh will surrender,
Respond to your warmth,
To your touch, so tender.

A coveted encounter,
Fulfilled at long last,
We’ll know from then on,
If this will just pass.

The danger for us,
Will be revealed then -
What might be our future,
Are we lovers or friends?


Anonymous said...

how sweet.

it sounds like you really care about her. i hope you meet her, and that it works out - everyone deserves a true love.

best of wishes & luck!