Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Speckled Horse?

So a friend of mine I was emailing said there were speckled horses. This made me chuckle, and I have to admit I chuckled even more when she said it was a horse that was more than one color. It is a cute thought. And I suppose technically it is a speckled horse when it’s an Appaloosa. But as most horse people know there is more than one way a horse can have more than one color. But I do assume my sweet friend means ones that have big differences in colors instead of just markings.

So I submit for my friend, some pictures of “speckled” horses.

First the Appaloosa. Did you know that in 1975 Idaho designated this breed of horse as their state horse? I am not kidding. And App’s have several different color patterns and here they are:

Leopard - white pattern exhibited to an extreme with base colored spots of various sizes covering most of the body.
Few Spot Leopard - base color is nearly obscured by its Appaloosa white patterning covering up to 90% of its body. Horse may exhibit patches of color on the heads, knees, elbows, flanks (called "varnish marks"). Some may have as few as only one or two spots.
Snowflake - white spots, flecks, on a dark body. Typically the white spots increase in number and size as the horse ages.
Varnish - dark points (legs and head) and some spots or roaning over a light body. May occur in conjunction with another spotting style and change with age. Often starts out as a solid colored horse that gets more white as it ages, but is not a gray.
Frost - similar to varnish but the white hairs are limited to the back, loins, and neck. May occur in conjunction with another spotting style and change with age. Often starts out as a solid colored horse that gets more white as it ages.
Blanket - Most common and well known White blanket over hindquarters. Can have clean edges or be roaned. Most have dark spots on blanket field Spots may move and change with each shedding.
Snowcap - Similar to blanket except blanket field doesn’t have spots on it. White area can extend across most of body .Usually retain color on head, legs, flanks and elbows.

Funny enough I own or have owned an example of each of the color types. So here come the pictures.


Few spot Leopard





Snow Cap

I will do a post tomorrow on the other “speckled” horses Paints/Pintos.


Sara said...

Lol, I'm glad I can make you laugh with my stupidity. And yes, that is what your "sweet friend" meant... big differences in colors.

I like the Varnish and Frost ones. Oh and Snow Cap! This is fun, and I'm learning what words not to use when talking to horse people, LOL. Last night I wiki-ed the different between gray horses and actual white horses. Knowledge is power!

Mary said...

Oh hey, so I am one of the sweet friend's BFFs and, well, a few things:

1. Those horses are pretty even if they look like they will flatten me should I ever go near them.

2. I thought speckled was a good word! Only because I probably would have called them "those colorful horses!"

3. You probably think I'm a pathetic ditz and wondering why Sara is friends with me.

4. Should you two ever meet and start a conversation about horses, I will walk away in hopes of disguising my stupidity regarding them.

5. But I have awesome hair so maybe you'll forgive me.

The Major said...

You are both funny. Don’t worry Mary I think you are just fine. And Sara I am glad you’re curious about the horse terms :D